by w4l3XzY3

Posted by Derek
Oct 11 2015

by w4l3XzY3

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  1. typhoon says:


    Note to self and others: BVN will not save comments unless Cloudflare and bvn are allowed to execute Javascript. Doh.

    OK, another try: You could get a chorded keyboard. Or keep training.

    Hope things get better soon.

  2. Tsunami Sesen says:

    Hiya,, how are you doing? Also have you thought of trying a wrist brace on your weak hand while at work/home?

  3. Tsunami says:

    Been a while any news on your health?

  4. K Fox says:

    Oh dear…someone got you into EVE. I’m sorry. Sadly, you’ve missed out on any/all of the good that game has ever offered. Anymore, it’s nothing but griefers taking advantage of everyone they can, just for the giggles. I played EVE from 2004 ish until very early last year, but the final 2 years I was ‘playing’ were really just me logging in to keep my toon training. In the end, I walked away from a 180 mil SP toon simply because the game wasn’t fun.

    A quote that opened my eyes was “EVE online - the only recreational game that plays like a second job”. And it’s true. Combine that with the disaster of trying to avoid getting scammed in some way, and it just got too tedious to bother with. Hopefully it’s more fun for you, but if not, maybe check out Star Citizen - it’s a whole hell of a lot better of an environment, and quite the entertaining game (watching it being built is fun - much moreso than ‘playing’ EVE was).

    K Fox (has quietly lurked for a long time)

  5. Derek says:

    I’ve been trying to make a blog post for a while, but wordpress isn’t cooperating. I’m going to be doing a database restore later tonight to see if it helps.

    In the meantime - wrist is doing much better but I’m dealing with a major IT upgrade at work as well as another thing I’ll talk about once I get this !#@$ thing working again.